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Jacob's wish to meet Winter the dolphin

Jacob touching dolphin

“ Thanks Make-A-Wish for helping me meet Winter ”

Upon arrival in Clearwater, FL Jacob and his family visited a Pirate Boat which was one of their favorite things to do on the trip.  They really enjoyed touring the boat.

The next day they got to visit 7-year-old Winter the dolphin and watch her show routine.  Winter is a special dolphin because she has a prosthetic fin, which was made for her after an accident at a young age.  Her tail is replaced several times a day because if the tail stays on all day it can do harm to her skin.  To put her tail on they use gel first, put the tail on and then put more gel on.  It has no trouble staying on with that procedure.  To make sure Winter stays healthy, she has 15 different tales to use! 

They also were able to meet Hope, a 9-month-old dolphin at the aquarium.  Jacob was able to pour water on her head and watch her jump through hoops.  After visiting the dolphins, Jacob and his family explored Sea World and enjoyed the rides and shows.  They also visited the aquarium in Tampa to see even more underwater creatures.  One day the family went to the beach, and Jacob and his brother picked up sea shells for almost two hours!

They had a fantastic time on their wish and are very appreciative of Make-A-Wish.

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