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Drake's wish for a play park

Drake climbing

“ Make-A-Wish has allowed my son to just be a kid again ”

Special thanks to Backyard Playworld for helping grant Drake's wish Backyard Playworld logo

Make-A-Wish® has allowed my son to just be a kid and escape from his grownup size battle of fighting a life-threatening illness. He has had some weakness in his legs due to his treatment and because of his ‘wish’ he continues to climb, swing, and jump to give him strength to beat Leukemia.  No matter the wish, each child has a chance to dream away from their illness and be a kid. 

Make-A-Wish gives children back their freedom away from the doctors and allows for healing and strength to come from their experiences.  Drake absolutely loves to play on his “Play Park” and spends hours playing in the sand building his imagination along with strength to one day beat Leukemia. 

- Amanda, Drake’s mom



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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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